Nutritional Snacks

Our wide range of nuts is guaranteed to caress your taste buds. Each snack is meticulously cared for from the farm to the tip of your tongue.  

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Raw Nuts

Kenya Nut markets the highest quality raw nuts in different commercial grades, conveniently packed in recommended export-ready standard packaging sizes. We ensure each nut passes through the highest quality and food safety standards to ensure the final nut you eat is of sterling quality, both aesthetically and biologically.  

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Melt the Magic on your tongue. Enjoy our rich and delectable gourmet chocolates that warm your soul and are packed full of antioxidants and essential vitamins. It’s the care and passion with which we blend the smooth, distinctive and deeply delightful flavors that make this chocolate one of a kind. [...]

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The magic inside begins from the fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya where some of the world’s best tea leaves sprout. True to the African spirit, we take our time to handpick, slow roast and carefully process each leaf. As you savor the distinctively wild taste and fresh aroma, give thanks [...]

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We have been cultivating our coffee for generations and you will agree that it is worth the wait. Cold, warm, steaming or in a cocktail, you will be sure to savor every drop that Africa has to offer. Enjoy the bold aromas, distinctive freshness and stimulating taste of our world-renowned [...]

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We employ the highest quality standards and stringent control mechanisms to harvest, wash and extract oil from our Macadamia Nuts. You will only get the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. Best for your heart, skin and everyday cooking needs.

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